What’s Your Story?

This post, which I’m really hoping will be as exciting and interesting as I initially imagined, was inspired by my mother, Veronica. She’s had the idea running for a while now and has said on and off for a few years how she’d like to write a book/blog based on the weird and wonderful people wandering through life on their own wavelength. I think it’d be an amazing idea, where she could take a snapshot of someone who looks particularly interesting, be it a grown man in a pink and yellow tutu in the middle of a casino, or a woman on a stroll pushing a pram full of cats, and ask them “What’s your story?” and have their image featured  in the blog/book with the caption being, quite obviously, their short story.

I love this idea because I find observing people and my surroundings fascinating. I mean, I’d prefer sitting in a coffee shop and watching all the intriguing specimens of human life walk by to going out to a club or a movie. Seems normal, right? (sarcasm intended)

But it’s not all about going out with the intention to find a quirky individual purely for the sake of snapping a picture and writing a blog, it’s about taking an interest in something other than yourself and your schedule, busy as it may be. It’s about looking past superficial surroundings and having an intention to neglect and forget negative judgement. It’s realising that other people exist in this world besides yourself, and each one of them, like you, has a story.

The concept is also great in working as a distraction, and believe me, I’m all about distractions. It’s safe to assume that everyone hates being caught in traffic, yes? well, a little escape is as simple as lifting your head up and looking around. You’re not the only one stuck in the seemingly never-ending cue of cars and pollution, and yes it is most probably because of that careless individual who sped past you at 170 km/h a few minutes back and has just been caught by the police, but bitching and moaning and cursing the universe won’t make them un-speed. But, looking around at the other drivers on the road might be just what you need to help you get through it. Perhaps that 30-trying-to-look-20 year old woman who is clearly still caught up in the “Brittany Spears phase” will make you chuckle with her senseless and uncoordinated thrashing of her arms and whipping of her head to “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Or, it could be the father of four doing the afternoon school run with a barbie hair clip feebly dangling on a few strands of hair into his face, which is a regular occurrence for him, whilst the youngest child excitedly smears the ice cream she insisted on getting, all over the window and into her hair. Perhaps you are that noble father of four, and what’s getting you through the tedious drive is the body builder in front of you singing along to Taylor Swift, his guilty pleasure. Even if the situation you witness isn’t entertaining, like someone looking a little run down after a long crappy day, it’s easy to realise that sitting in traffic may not be the worst situation to be in right now.

So every once in a while when things are closing in on you and that damn taxi driver cut you off one too many times today, change your perspective and look at the other living, breathing human beings around you. It’s not all glamorous though, I am not trying to advertise an ideal happy-clappy world of wonder here, but that’s not to say it can’t still be wonderful sometimes. For those of you who don’t do it often, or who couldn’t be bothered, or who haven’t actually read any of this… let’s hope the pending idea of “What’s Your Story?” takes off.

All for now



Not-so-new Year

Thanks to my friend (and soul mate, according to a Facebook fad) I’ve decided to reopen my long-neglected, dust-collecting blog. So, Thank You, Nicola! It wasn’t really an easy decision because I figured “after all this time, who on earth would still stick around?” But for those of you who have, your loyalty will be rewarded! *virtual applause for all of you.* As far as apologies go, I’ll keep this one short. I’m sorry. I lost motivation. That’s all there is to it…

On another note… 2015. My year as an “independent” first year student at Pretoria University has begun. (I use the word “independent” very liberally because more often than not I’m looking to others for information and pretending I know exactly what I’m doing, meanwhile the only things I’m 100% sure of on a day-to-day basis are my name and surname.) “Varsity life” was a huge adjustment for me, my friends, my family and most especially, my wardrobe. Going from wearing the same old blue and white checked school uniform day in and day out, to planning outfits in my head the night before was tough, and occasionally from scoping my surroundings I get the feeling that I am one of the few who actually give my outfits head-space. On my campus there will be the rare one or two groups of people who will dress to impress, whilst others literally look like their attire was chosen for them by a die-hard Disney fan at the tender age of 3. There’s that extreme, or the other, which I quite bluntly refer to as “Stripper Attire”. Not the nicest name for my fellow peer’s outfits of choice, but there really has to be a line drawn somewhere and when someone shows up to lectures in 6-inch heels, a more than revealing crop-top, mini skirt and fishnet stockings, I personally feel that that line has then been crossed. However, all the hipsters, jocks, goths, wannabees, cheapskates, skater kids, the “nobody gets me’s” and the rest of the crowd really do contribute in their own way to creating a true “varsity vibe”.

If there was one stereotype about university students that I could dispel for you all, it would have to be the “reckless spender” stereotype which, quite obviously, implies that students blow their allowance at the beginning of every month and spend carelessly. False. Every student I’ve met so far is stingy. Very, very stingy. The word “budget” is thrown around multiple times a day between students, and sometimes I admit, I use it as my go-to excuse when I don’t want to go out. “Sorry I’m on a really tight budget” or “My bad, I blew my budget this month already on petrol” And I have a feeling I’m not the only one… which is perhaps how the stereotype came about. Spending on alcohol may not be the wisest investment for the future… but what’s wrong with cutting loose every once in a while?

Advice for those of you going to university next year, or even taking a gap year or whatever your situation may be, do not expect your life to be the same as it was a year ago or during school. Every single dynamic changes – be it your friends, your taste in music, clothes, your idea for your future, your significant other, even your relationship with your parents will change. I learnt most of this the hard way by hoping nothing would change except my daily driving route, however that was not the case. Some friends will be there for the rest of your life, but you’ll also make new ones and the new ones might not click with the old ones. If you’re studying away from home, you may notice that you become higher in demand among family members over the times you do visit home. Grandparents want a visit, parents want some attention, siblings need to be chauffeured, pretty much any excuse to see you. Which is never a bad thing. But believe me, it can be draining as hell. So really, take it all with an open mind and be prepared to experience a ton and a half new things with new people.

All for now!

A Bitter-Sweet Goodbye and Hello

So, I am aware that I’ve been AWOL for more than a while, but hear me… (Those of you kind enough to have stuck with me despite my absence)

Since August, I have been overwhelmingly busy with my final exams and sitting through countless hours of torturous studying, which is why I had to do everything in my fading power to refrain from opening WordPress and procrastinating. Yes, I know it’s quite a shocking excuse, but it’s true. However, I can happily say that I’m back! Those tedious 3 months of exam writing are finally over and I’m officially no longer in school, until next year when I go off to university. (Well, pending my final results, of course… let’s hope I’ve passed) School really was full of ups and downs, and I can say with a clear conscious mind that I gave it my all. I’m ecstatic to be done, but the reality that I will never see the inside of those school buildings has not yet quite hit me. However, I can say that all our goodbyes yesterday were heartfelt and left a bitter-sweet sentiment lingering among the matrics of 2014 as we all slowly realized that the 26th of November of this year was most likely going to be the absolute last time we ever see each other (speaking for those of us who weren’t close friends). And now that it’s done and in the past, it’s definitely time to move forward.

So what has happened recently that you might find interesting? If I’m honest? I have hardly anything to say. In general, exams are exceptionally boring and my lack of a social life over the last 3 months is doing nothing but contributing this sad and sorrowful attempt at my “Comeback” blog post. I do, however, have some sort of news… I passed my drivers test and I’ve tasted freedom and responsibility, much as the saying goes. I’ve had more than a few close encounters with other drivers, occasionally a bird or two and an alarmingly high number of potholes. Not to mention the lunatic taxi drivers with a passion for reckless driving, who seem to dominate the roads in South Africa (almost to the same degree as the potholes…)

I’m going to keep this one short, mainly because I feel that this is just a rather pitiful attempt at writing (I’m even considering scrapping this post entirely, unfortunately my stubborn personality won’t allow it) and I do not wish to further embarrass myself and bore my audience by rambling on about nothing, nothing and more nothing, with a side serving of, yes you guessed it, nothing.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Okay so the heading is a bit arbitrary, but what I have in mind today isn’t exactly profound (then again, are any of my posts ever?) And to be quite honest, I could use a break from studying. Ah my old friend, procrastination, has returned.

On Saturday last week my friends and I went to a 12 hour long music concert called “I heart Joburg” and I had way more fun than I’d anticipated. Everyone got appropriately dressed up and if I may have a moment to brag, we all looked fantastic. We dressed ourselves up from head to toe (now the title makes a bit more sense) and yet we all managed to look completely different from one another and still looked equally as fabulous. What I noticed when I was there was that tons of the other girls (and guys) basically dressed like carbon copies of one another. A group of sweaty tank tops here, dozens of daisy drenched crop-tops there, and let’s not forget that impractical use of a branded beanie in 27 degree Celsius weather. However, my friends went their usual route of dressing for themselves. Which I am proud of.

Each one of my friends has an individual style which suits them and seems to be part of their personality. We’ve got the eccentric one who mixes and matches to her hearts’ content (rare are the days when she wears a matching pair of earrings). There’s the shy girl, who generally wears high-neck shirts and long pants (which she pulls off perfectly). Our party-goer who makes wearing leather pants look easy (big thumbs up to her because I CANT make that look work for myself). One of my friends has the whole vintage, long skirt and collared shirt look which she really has on point. (her choice of jewelry inspires me) And last but certainly not least, there’s my friend who pulls off spiked ankle boots and fitted blazers like a professional. I swear she’s made for that whole “punk but not quite” look.

I really mean all the things I say sincerely and each person to me has something different about them which I greatly admire.

Going to the chapel and we’re…

Wedding bells are ringing! The long awaited marriage of my step sister and her boyfriend of 6 years has finally arrived. Between all the primping and preening I found an opportunity to write up a quick blog.

I’ve never really been one for all the sprucing up and getting excited for huge celebrations, and it’s something I’m often shunned for… But this one got me excited. I’ve been to at least 4 weddings over the past 4 years (yes, one each year) and this is the first one I’m going to be legal at! Unfortunately for me though, I might have to be the designated driver (not that I’m in this for the drinking). My family’s parties always consist of tons of dancing and Guaranteed inappropriate jokes made in front of the wrong audience… But what’s a party without a few embarrassing stories to tell?

I must now get back to the girlie preparations and attempt to look presentable as a bridesmaid. Here’s to wishing Amy and Keiron many happy years together and a life of ever lasting love.

Back on track with a tribute

First and foremost let me apologize for my negligence. As I’d said before, my plan was to write on my blog frequently and get the momentum going but it seems that life got in the way. I know it’s not an excuse but it’s all I have. I know the people in my life may feel the same way as my empty blog at the moment because I’ve just been on hold for a while. But, I’m back (not that I’m really returning to much, am I?)

I’ve been told time and time again that I’m the kind of girl who carries a “why-should-I-care” attitude and that my lack of displaying of emotions is off-putting to say the least and I have a habit of making people feel like I shut them out. It’s the one thing I find the most difficult to deal with in terms of myself and my personality. I mean, it’s not like I do it on purpose? Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, although I don’t project my emotions in a fairly obvious way, it in no way means I don’t have any.  I’m mostly referring to the resent passing of one of my childhood heroes and all-time legends, Robin Williams. 

In general, the death of a celebrity won’t affect me and with a nonchalant attitude I can often brush it off as if it were nothing (mostly because I’d like to avoid that Awful feeling of bitterness and sadness) but when I woke up to the news of Mr Williams’ passing I felt a true and very real sinking feeling in my chest, and it hit like a ton of bricks. Robin Williams comforted me from behind the screen of my TV throughout my childhood and into those awkward teenage years. His ability to make people laugh astounded me and if I’m to be completely honest and share something no one else knows about me, He is the true reason I decided to carry the happiest persona I could possibly create. The reason being because I was in awe of how happy he seemed and how mesmerizing his sing-song voice was and so I told myself that a genuinely happy person was easier to like than a negative, demeaning person which is why I point blank refused to let small petty things put me down.

His death was a real eye-opener and I realized quite quickly that being funny and being happy are two very different things. Robin Williams, although may not walk among us in person, left a legacy never to be forgotten and he will continue to live on through that. Thankfully, it is a happy legacy and he will be remembered with great fondness by me and by many.

I will always remember you, My Genie, my Batty, crazy scientist, poet, father and childhood hero. R.I.P Robin Williams.


Adding Some Visuals to the Equation

Something which I’ve contemplated over the past few days is whether or not I’m going to be a “daily blogger” or one of the quiet types who appears every couple of days with a few “wise words” or an insightful passage. My conclusion? When I find free time in between juggling my studies (You see, I’m in my final year of high school with only a few weeks left until I taste freedom) and catching up on TV series (I have to admit, I’m in the middle of about 6 different series at the moment and I seem to keep adding to the list) that is when I will cozy up with my bedside lamp on for that “professional writer” feeling and say what I have to say to those of you who are interested. As for now, however, I will use this precious time of mine doing what I do best. Procrastinating. But let’s not call it that, how about we say that I’m using this time to post something daily in order to get a momentum going and find an audience for my freshly hatched little blog. Sound good perhaps?

I like to think that I have a good eye when it comes to photography, so I will share a few of my pictures with you and feel free to let me know what you think. (Don’t be shy, and go ahead and tell me if I’m pathetic – I promise I won’t be offended)

Recently I went on a school trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands… let me just say that I have honestly never experienced anything like that before and I probably never will for as long as I live! The scenery was just amazing and the diverse cultures are something to behold. I even considered eating a giant meal worm. (NOTE: I said Considered, there’s no way I was going to put a live, squirming creepy-crawly into my mouth) We also ventured down the Amazon river and stayed in the most beautiful hotel that looked onto the river and we traveled in a motorized canoe along the river each day, dodging the various insects carrying somewhat deadly diseases *cough cough (malaria) cough cough*

Alright I may have exaggerated the extent of the disease carrying population of insects. To be honest? we barely even noticed them. Sand fleas however… now that is a different story. Not a day went by where I didn’t get covered in unattractive red spots all down my legs.Despite that, it was a fascinating place and I enjoyed being there far more than I was expecting to.

The Galapagos Islands… I actually don’t have one word to describe it. It’s not really a place that can be described using words (although they are exceptionally powerful) nor can any photograph do it’s vibrant scenery and exotic wildlife any justice. As much as one may try and explain it, I feel that it’s something that has to be experienced and interpreted personally in order to be understood. (I am in no way saying that the pictures aren’t breathtaking to look at, because they are)

Enjoy the pictures! And yes, they were all taken by me.

Our Hotel in the Amazon

A view of our boat on the Galapagos Island

Up close and personal with a sleepy sea lion

One of the many we saw on the island - they live to be over 100 years old

Skeptical looking giant tortoise

Simple, but this is a shot of some dew drops on a spider web

The only winged statue of the Madonna

The Madonna Statue in Quito

The view of the sunset from our hotel room in the Amazon

Just another simple shot with dew drops

Lichen catching the sunlight at the right angle – seen on a tree in the Mindo cloud forest in Quito