Going to the chapel and we’re…

Wedding bells are ringing! The long awaited marriage of my step sister and her boyfriend of 6 years has finally arrived. Between all the primping and preening I found an opportunity to write up a quick blog.

I’ve never really been one for all the sprucing up and getting excited for huge celebrations, and it’s something I’m often shunned for… But this one got me excited. I’ve been to at least 4 weddings over the past 4 years (yes, one each year) and this is the first one I’m going to be legal at! Unfortunately for me though, I might have to be the designated driver (not that I’m in this for the drinking). My family’s parties always consist of tons of dancing and Guaranteed inappropriate jokes made in front of the wrong audience… But what’s a party without a few embarrassing stories to tell?

I must now get back to the girlie preparations and attempt to look presentable as a bridesmaid. Here’s to wishing Amy and Keiron many happy years together and a life of ever lasting love.


Back on track with a tribute

First and foremost let me apologize for my negligence. As I’d said before, my plan was to write on my blog frequently and get the momentum going but it seems that life got in the way. I know it’s not an excuse but it’s all I have. I know the people in my life may feel the same way as my empty blog at the moment because I’ve just been on hold for a while. But, I’m back (not that I’m really returning to much, am I?)

I’ve been told time and time again that I’m the kind of girl who carries a “why-should-I-care” attitude and that my lack of displaying of emotions is off-putting to say the least and I have a habit of making people feel like I shut them out. It’s the one thing I find the most difficult to deal with in terms of myself and my personality. I mean, it’s not like I do it on purpose? Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, although I don’t project my emotions in a fairly obvious way, it in no way means I don’t have any.  I’m mostly referring to the resent passing of one of my childhood heroes and all-time legends, Robin Williams. 

In general, the death of a celebrity won’t affect me and with a nonchalant attitude I can often brush it off as if it were nothing (mostly because I’d like to avoid that Awful feeling of bitterness and sadness) but when I woke up to the news of Mr Williams’ passing I felt a true and very real sinking feeling in my chest, and it hit like a ton of bricks. Robin Williams comforted me from behind the screen of my TV throughout my childhood and into those awkward teenage years. His ability to make people laugh astounded me and if I’m to be completely honest and share something no one else knows about me, He is the true reason I decided to carry the happiest persona I could possibly create. The reason being because I was in awe of how happy he seemed and how mesmerizing his sing-song voice was and so I told myself that a genuinely happy person was easier to like than a negative, demeaning person which is why I point blank refused to let small petty things put me down.

His death was a real eye-opener and I realized quite quickly that being funny and being happy are two very different things. Robin Williams, although may not walk among us in person, left a legacy never to be forgotten and he will continue to live on through that. Thankfully, it is a happy legacy and he will be remembered with great fondness by me and by many.

I will always remember you, My Genie, my Batty, crazy scientist, poet, father and childhood hero. R.I.P Robin Williams.


A Little Less than a Handshake

I’ve noticed more and more these days how people begin an introduction of themselves by starting off in some random place, stating a random train of thought that the rest of us would never have seen coming and very often requires some sort of explaining. Not that I’m complaining, of course, otherwise that would make my opening paragraph hypocritical and ironic.

First, let me explain my reasoning behind this blog – and thereafter we can get stuck into the gory details of “Getting to know me”, where we get up close and personal with my inner most thoughts and somewhere through my tedious paragraph you find out that I like meringues, my hobbies are X Y and Z, I lost my first tooth when I was 4… and so on.

I started a blog a while ago on a different site (is it okay to name and shame yet? or should I wait until I’m famous?) but that never really took off. At all. Not that I’m in this for the popularity – but it is nice to feel like someone (at least one person) is reading what I have to say and judging my style of writing as well as judging me as a person. I’ll keep this one as short as my desire to write will let me, and if anyone likes my writing – You’ll be seeing more of me. (well… reading more of my blogs if we’re going to be specific)

The name of my blog? CourtneyShortney? well it seems fairly obvious to me but that’s because I am the one who came up with the name so one would hope that I have some idea as to why. Firstly, my name is Courtney. Secondly, I am not a particularly tall person… actually I’m quite short. And there you have it! A short analysis behind my name (proof to all English teachers that there is such a thing as a short explanation of something without needing to find any deeper meaning) I spent a long time trying to come up with something clever and thought provoking as a blog name, I even tried Googling previously used names. (Of course I was Uninspired) I even came up with the name “Victoria’s Not-So-Secret” where I would attract my audience with my quirky play on the Victoria’s Secret name and the idea that owing to the fact that this is a blog… nothing would be a secret. However, I am not a fan of the kinky underwear nor the “Child-friendly” clothing line that dearest Victoria has to offer… and it goes without saying, My name is Not Victoria and therefore it just wouldn’t be “me”. (Har Har Har I hope you see what i did there)

My parents have always called me Shortney for as long as I can remember – quite clearly because I am short – and it was only recently that I have come to terms with it. Yes, after 18 years I finally accepted my fate as being one who occasionally has to shop in the kiddies section to find pants that fit me,or swing my feet under the table because they can’t touch the floor, or even turn baking into a workout routine by climbing the kitchen counters to reach the the highest shelves. (Whose idea was it to create shelves that high up anyway?) I may not have the longest supermodel legs or the daintiest little hands to match my slender arms, but you know what they say; “Dynamite comes in small packages”

So there you have it (for now) my very brief, very “short” introduction to my blog, and it was just a little less than a handshake.