A Bitter-Sweet Goodbye and Hello

So, I am aware that I’ve been AWOL for more than a while, but hear me… (Those of you kind enough to have stuck with me despite my absence)

Since August, I have been overwhelmingly busy with my final exams and sitting through countless hours of torturous studying, which is why I had to do everything in my fading power to refrain from opening WordPress and procrastinating. Yes, I know it’s quite a shocking excuse, but it’s true. However, I can happily say that I’m back! Those tedious 3 months of exam writing are finally over and I’m officially no longer in school, until next year when I go off to university. (Well, pending my final results, of course… let’s hope I’ve passed) School really was full of ups and downs, and I can say with a clear conscious mind that I gave it my all. I’m ecstatic to be done, but the reality that I will never see the inside of those school buildings has not yet quite hit me. However, I can say that all our goodbyes yesterday were heartfelt and left a bitter-sweet sentiment lingering among the matrics of 2014 as we all slowly realized that the 26th of November of this year was most likely going to be the absolute last time we ever see each other (speaking for those of us who weren’t close friends). And now that it’s done and in the past, it’s definitely time to move forward.

So what has happened recently that you might find interesting? If I’m honest? I have hardly anything to say. In general, exams are exceptionally boring and my lack of a social life over the last 3 months is doing nothing but contributing this sad and sorrowful attempt at my “Comeback” blog post. I do, however, have some sort of news… I passed my drivers test and I’ve tasted freedom and responsibility, much as the saying goes. I’ve had more than a few close encounters with other drivers, occasionally a bird or two and an alarmingly high number of potholes. Not to mention the lunatic taxi drivers with a passion for reckless driving, who seem to dominate the roads in South Africa (almost to the same degree as the potholes…)

I’m going to keep this one short, mainly because I feel that this is just a rather pitiful attempt at writing (I’m even considering scrapping this post entirely, unfortunately my stubborn personality won’t allow it) and I do not wish to further embarrass myself and bore my audience by rambling on about nothing, nothing and more nothing, with a side serving of, yes you guessed it, nothing.